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Makes about 9 cups of soy milk


Soak dry-soy beans with plenty of water in a large bowl for about 24 hours. Beans will keep expanding. Make sure they are covered with water all the time.
  • 12 oz. dry soy beans (350 grams)

Making Soy Milk

(1)Rinse and drain soy beans. Put one half of soy beans in a blender and add just enough water to run the blender. Crush soy beans until it becomes "paste". It will need more water to keep it mixing. Do the same with the rest of the beans.
(2)Pour the mixture to a large pot. Add 3~4 times of water to the bean mixture. Less water makes thick soy milk and more water makes thin soy milk.
(3)Heat it at medium heat and stir constantly.
(4)Bring it to a boil and turn off the heat just before it boils over the pot.
(5)Strain the milk with a strainer, fine mesh. Save the crushed beans.
(6)Strain again with a cotton cloth ( gauze ).
(7)When the crushed beans is not so hot, put all of it on the cloth and squeeze out the soy milk.
(8)Season with honey, sugar, vanilla, and mint leaves to your taste.
You can use the crushed beans in a croquette recipe.
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